If property is theft, David Nicholson spends a lot of time with criminals

Profile of Moscow developer Luba Tvetskova, European Businessman

Luba Tvetskova tried any number of different enterprises to finance more construction. "We traded in computers, started publications, sewed fur coats, imported Japanese cars into Moscow, just about anything you can imagine," says Tvetskova, lighting a long, thin Sobranie cigarette and leaning back in her plush black leather chair.

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Partnering in construction, The Financial Times

Partnering brings all parties together to form common goals, to integrate design and construction by involving contractors at an earlier stage, to set up mechanisms to resolve disputes and to share the risk and rewards of projects. "As recently as 1996, construction firms were spending 7 per cent of their turnover on conflict and making profits of just 1 per cent," according to John Carlisle.

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India & China compete, Global Property News  

"The two largest emerging economies in the world – India and China – are squaring up for a battle to secure an ever-larger slice of global manufacturing production with far-reaching implications for the real estate sector."

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